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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning service

    is a New York based professional cleaning company that offers business clients commercial carpet cleaning services. Almost every office has carpeted areas in New York City. Carpeted areas require professional carpet cleaning regularly every 4-6 month. We work to satisfy all needs for commercial carpet cleaning. Moreover, we strive to work honestly providing our commercial clients with an excellent carpet cleaning service.
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • The pre-inspection of all carpeted areas;
  • Pre-vacuuming stage that allows to get rid of all carpet surface dust & other contaminants;
  • Carpets shampooing stage allows to dissolve all heavy soils in your carpet deep shares (we use absolutely non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions to make sure we provide an honest green carpet cleaning service);
  • The application of heavy-duty commercial carpet cleaning machines that use the high-pressure steam-extraction cleaning method which is well known as the best carpet cleaning method nowadays;
  • Deodorization Service helps to get rid of a bad small usual for high-traficed carpets;
  • Stain removal service (Our professional approach in stain removing allows us to achieve really great result in almost all kinds of stain removal);
  • Scotchgard protection service helps to make your carpets stains resistant for much longer time in comparison to unprotected carpets (provided by request).

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Office Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Store Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Shop Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Mall Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Restaurant Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Hotel Carpet Cleaning Service
  • University Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Medical Office Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Hospital Carpet Cleaning Service
  • School Carpet Cleaning Service
nyc commercial carpet cleaning service

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

As a professional carpet cleaning company we know how important it is to have proper and professional carpet cleaning equipment. We  are equipped with only professional heavy-duty US made carpet cleaning machines  which are the leading portable carpet cleaning machines in the field. Moreover our machines are the most powerful portable carpet cleaners (up to 450 psi).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee by CouchCleaning.NYC

You are not sure if you are satisfied with our cleaning results? We will come over again and redo the carpet cleaning to meet your highest expectations from professional carpet cleaning company.

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