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Commercial Furniture Cleaning

CouchCleaning.NYC offers New York commercial clients professional furniture cleaning services. Do you have a restaurant or store? We will provide you with honest five stars commercial furniture cleaning services. Are you concerned with our prices? We are really affordable. Just inquire us for our prices and you will see that. We believe that a good quality service does not necessarily have to be an expensive service.   commercial furniture cleaning nyc

What Do We Do To Clean Commercial Furniture (step by step)?

      • Pre-inspection of furniture condition;
      •  Pre-vacuuming stage that helps us to get rid of dust and other contaminants;
      • Shampooing stage helps us to reach deep dirt and stains ( we use only best & proven professional cleaning solutions.* When we deal with vulnerable floors we  use floor covers  to protect your floors from any steam damage;
      • The upholstery cleaning machine application allows us to use high-pressure steam for cleaning if your furniture (high pressure steam up to 450 psi helps us to clean even old and uncared furniture);
      • Deodorization service helps to make your furniture smell good;
      • Stain removal service (FREE);
      • Scotchgard protection service (helps to protect your furniture of getting stain for a longer time)* by request.

What Kind Of Equipment Do We Use For Commercial Furniture Cleaning?

Our exclusive distributor is the leader in commercial cleaning machines production. We trust only the professional supplier. That is why we use only one brand US made cleaning machines. Combined use of proven professional cleaning solutions and best commercial upholstery cleaning machines helps us to achieve excellent results in furniture cleaning.

Office Cubicles Cleaning Service

We provide cubicles cleaning for New York offices. We have a special cleaning program to turn your office cubicles into an almost brand new look. Did you think about buying new cubicles for your office?  There is no need to do so. Order our office cubicles cleaning service and make your employees happy working in a fresh and healthy office. office chair cleaning service

Office Furniture Cleaning Services:

      • Office Sofa Cleaning/Hotel Sofa Cleaning/Restaurant Sofa Cleaning.
      • Office Couch Cleaning/Hotel Couch Cleaning/Restaurant Couch Cleaning.
      • Office Chair Cleaning/Restaurant Chair Cleaning.
      • Conference Rom Chair Cleaning
      • Office Love Seat Cleaning/Hotel Love Seat Cleaning/Restaurant Love Seat Cleaning.
      • Office Recliner Cleaning/Hotel Recliner Cleaning.
      • Office Cubicles Cleaning

Where Do We Provide The Service

All our office furniture cleaning procedures are done in your office. We understand your needs. That is why we accommodate all our services in accordance to your business needs. We minimize drying time providing “smart” cleaning programs to make your business working all time without stopping for maintenance. commercial upholstery cleaners

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Our Commercial Clients

There is no need to worry about cleaning results. We work to make all our customers happy to the full. That is why if you are not satisfied with a provided commercial furniture cleaning service we will come over again and will redo the cleaning until you smile and tell us that you are happy about the cleaning.


How long does a couch cleaning take?
 ✔ Cleaning time depends on the condition of your couch. Standard couch (not an L shape)cleaning usually takes up to 1 hour. 
How long does it take to dry after the cleaning?
 ✔ Drying time depends on type of fabric of the couch (velvet, cotton, silk etc), pre-condition of your couch (stained or not), indoor temperature and ventilation. Usually it takes from 3 up to 6 hours.

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