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Mattress Cleaning Service

CouchCleaning.NYC  provides great New York area with professional mattress cleaning & sanitizing services. Are you going to buy a new mattress? There is not need to waste your money! Just order our mattress cleaning services and enjoy sleeping on your mattress for years longer. Moreover, we make your dreams healthier because you get rid of harmful dust and contaminants that accumulate on your mattress with time. Choose us and sleep healthier after our mattress cleaning services.

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization Process:nyc mattress cleaning service

  • Pre-inspection of a mattress condition;
  • Pre-vacuuming stage helps to get rid of mattress surface dust & contaminants;
  • Shampooing stage (we use absolutely green and non-toxic cleaning solutions for your mattress);
  • High-pressure steam-extraction stage helps us to reach deeper shares of your mattress (especially when we deal with humans’ and pets urination);
  • Deodorization services (we do deodorizer injections in cases of strong odors caused by urination);
  • UV-light treatment (*in cases when we deal with bed bugs);
  • Stain removal service (service is included in our flat rates);
  • Scotchgard protection (for stains removal). * service is provided by clients request.

Mattress Cleaning Machines:mattress cleaning service ny

Our exclusive supplier of mattress cleaning machines allows us to achieve best cleaning results in mattress cleaning & sanitizing.

Where We Clean Your Mattress?

We clean mattresses on-site only. All cleaning procedures are done in your apartment/house.  

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

CouchCleaning.NYC provides its clients with its 100% satisfaction guarantee. You are not satisfied with mattress cleaning results? Our technicians will redo the cleaning until you say “Yes, I am content with the cleaning”.
How long does a mattress cleaning take?
 ✔ Cleaning time depends on the condition of your mattress. Queen size mattress cleaning usually takes up to 1 hour. 
How long does it take to dry after the cleaning?
 ✔ Drying time depends on type of mattress (foam or spring), pre-condition of your mattress (stained or not), indoor temperature and ventilation. Usually it takes from 3 up to 24 hours.
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