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Rug Cleaning Service

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    CouchCleaning.NYC is pleased to offer New Yorkers  professional rug cleaning services. Our professional approach to on-site deep rug cleaning procedure makes no difference to in-factory rug cleaning. Your rug will undergo thorough cleaning procedures at any stage of our cleaning procedure.
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Our On-Site Rug Cleaning Procedure:

Our Rug Cleaning Procedure consists of the following stages:
      • Assessment Stage (our technicians assess pre-condition of your rug);
      • Vacuuming Stage (thorough vacuuming with two powerful vacuum engines);
      • Shampooing Stage (the application of non-toxic & pet friendly solutions).* Our technicians will take care of your delicate floors (like wood floors) using special floor treatment (covers) designed to protect your floors from any steam damage.
      • High-pressure Steam-Extraction Stage (the application of up to 450 psi high-pressure steaming pump combined with two engine extractors mounted in our professional rug cleaning machine (up to 450 psi pressure);
      • Grooming Stage;
      • Deodorization Stage (we apply proper deodorizers in every specific case);
      • Stain Removal Service (the service is included into a price);
      • Scotchgard protection (helps to protect your rug from stains) * by request (our price does not include this service).

    What Do We Use To Clean Your Rugs?

    Our exclusive distributor provides us with one of the best US made commercial rug cleaning machines in our business. We use different machines (from 150 psi to 450 psi high-pressure steam) in every specific case depending on the condition and age of your rug.
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What Kind Of Rugs Do We Clean?

        • Turkish rugs
        • Dhurrie rugs
        • Pakistani rugs
        • Indian rugs
        • Silk rugs
        • Moroccan rugs
        • Antique rugs
        • Persian rugs
        • Wool Rugs
        • Natural
        • Synthetic

    We Do Only On-Site Rug Cleaning

    Why should you wait for weeks for your rug delivery? Get your rug cleaned right in your apartment or house. Our thorough and professional approach helps us to achieve the same or even better results in on-site rug cleaning in comparison to factory cleaning.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

CouchCleaning.NYC provides clients with 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. You are not satisfied with our rug cleaning service? We will definitely fix everything. Just give us a call and we will redo the cleaning.


How long does a rug cleaning take?
 Cleaning time depends on the size and the condition of your rug. Usually middle size rug cleaning takes up to 1 hour. 
How long does it take to dry after the cleaning?
 Drying time depends on type of rug (whether it is a natural or synthetic rug), the condition of your rug (stained or not), indoor temperature and ventilation. Usually it takes from 3 up to 24 hours.

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