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Upholstery Cleaning Service in NYC


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    CouchCleaning.NYC offers New York City area professional upholstery cleaning services. Our well trained professionals will properly apply commercial upholstery cleaning machines in order to achieve best upholstery cleaning results for every single client. We clean all upholstery fabrics possible. We provide both professional upholstery cleaning services: steam & dry (solvent) cleaning. Trust your upholstery professionals and enjoy using it for years after the cleaning.
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How We Do Our Upholstery Cleaning (procedure parts):

  • – Pre-inspection and the assessment of the scope of work stage;
  • – Pre-vacuuming to prepare upholstery surface for the main cleaning stage;
  • – Pre-Spotting and Shampooing services (only top rated commercial cleaning solutions are used like PowerBusrt from Prochem). We also take care of highly soiled areas applying special high PH level solutions for better cleaning results;
  • – High-Pressure Steam Extraction stage. We use professional innovative heavy-duty steam cleaning machines which are considered as most advanced upholstery cleaning machines among upholstery cleaning experts;
  • – Deodorization stage. After treatment your furniture will have light appealing smell inviting you to seat on it and enjoy your leisure time;
  • – Stain removal services;
  • – Professional pet odor removal services (we do odor treatment injections in the worst cases to make sure we help you to get rid of bad pet odor.;*by request
  • – Scotchgard protection (creates a protective barrier against soil and makes your upholstery dirt resistant);*by request.

What Kind Of Upholstery Cleaning Equipment We Use?

Our exclusive distributor proved to be one of the best producers of commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning machines. We use appropriate cleaning machines (from 120 psi up to 450 psi steam pressure) depending on the condition of your upholstered piece of furniture.

What Kind Of Upholstery Do We Clean?

  • Couch Cleaning (standard & sectional);
  • Sofa Cleaning;
  • Arm Chair Cleaning;
  • Dining Room Chair Cleaning;
  • Loveseat Cleaning;
  • Recliner Cleaning;
  • Upholstered Walls Cleaning.
Where Do We Do Upholstery Cleaning?
We provide all of our services only in your house/apartment. There is no need to wait for your furniture to be delivered back for weeks.
100% Guaranteed Upholstery Cleaning Service Satisfaction
We provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction. If  you are not satisfied with our upholstery cleaning service we will come over again and redo the cleaning of your furniture.
    How long does a couch cleaning take?
    ✔ Standard 3 seat couch cleaning takes up to one and a half hour, sectional couch cleaning varies from case to case and takes from one and half hour up to 2 and half hours.
    How long does it take to dry after the cleaning?
    ✔ Drying time depends on type of fabric, used for the production of your furniture, pre-condition of your upholstery (stained or not), indoor temperature and ventilation. Usually it takes from 3 up to 24 hours.
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